Our Services

Slitting and Rewinding

CGS has the capability to slit various flexible materials to customized widths utilizing both lathe slitting and rewind slitting. Insulation tapes and films are used in a wide range of applications, making it necessary to have these materials available in different forms. Most materials are able to be converted within 24 hours allowing you to quickly and easily satisfy your customer’s needs and meet required deadlines.

Die Cutting

bottom2CGS has a broad range of die-cutting capabilities for a variety of materials, including fabrics, films, foils and other substrates with or without adhesive backings. We provide both rotary die cutting and steel rule die cutting, determined by the material, tolerance and quantity needed.

Laser Cutting

Laser die cutting involves uses a high speed laser to cut through substrate. It is perfect for tough materials and tight tolerances. The laser’s claim to fame is that it can cut through intricate, tricky patterns in which it would be difficult for a traditional rotary die cutter.


bottom4CGS provide many customers with the option of pre-cut pieces instead of having rolls of material. Sheeting allows for pieces to be cut to the exact desired length instead of being wound on rolls. There is no need for additional cutting, and sheeting provides an easy and simple way to handle large pieces of adhesive tapes/film.


bottom3Laminating allows us to join materials together, usually using adhesives. Our laminations can then be die cut, slit or sheeted for ease of use.

Spooling and Reeling

bottom1Spooling provide a way put thousands of feet of material onto a single spool, increasing productivity by reducing down time for the end user.